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Proudly serving London and Strathroy families for generations, Orr Cleaners brings professional care for your clothes with advanced technology and fair prices. Discover what our decades of experience can do for you.

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Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery Service

If you want the best possible care for your clothes, but your fast-paced lifestyle simply doesn’t allow you the time for that, our pick-up and delivery service is ideal for you. Offered in London and all across the surrounding region, we guarantee excellence in clothes care right at your doorstep. Click below to learn more.

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Schedule a time that suits you and your needs best.

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We use a secure barcode system to accurately track client’s clothing.

Prompt Service

Your freshly cleaned items returned to you on time, every time.

Seventy Years Committed to Excellence

Customer Oriented Service

Combining superior quality products with renowned technique and a customer care that sets the standard for cleaning services in our region, we make sure your clothes always get the very best service available.

70 Years of Experience:

A legacy of quality and trust.

Environmentally Friendly:

Committed to sustainable and eco-conscious practices.


We handle every item with professionalism.

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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

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Luxury & Delicate Fabrics

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Whether you need cleaning for your everyday clothes, repairs and alterations for special occasions, or laundry services for delicate and complex fabrics, we are your trusted partners to deliver on your every need. Learn more about our specialties below.

Orr Cleaners is more than just a cleaning service; they are the best at what they do, offering a luxury experience in garment care. I am delighted with their services and would recommend them to anyone who wants the best care for their clothes. They’ve brought new life to my wardrobe and made my life easier, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for others looking for top-quality garment care.