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Alter Your Clothes Or Restore Them

TraditionAL, high-quality & specialized service

As specialists in clothing, we go beyond laundry and cleaning to offer alteration services. To offer you a personalized experience, we set up individual appointments with a professional seamstress who will carefully analyze your needs. All services are performed at our own facilities, using adequate equipment and materials, following up on our tradition of high-quality, specialized service.

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Professional Alteration Services

We proudly provide the following alteration services:

Need an alteration on your clothes? Talk to our staff to get our expert opinion on it.

Convenient Scheduling for Your Busy Lifestyle

Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Orr Cleaners promise is to revive your favourite pieces with our meticulous attention to detail, and deliver your clothing and household items back to you looking as close to new as possible. 

Convenient Times

Schedule a time that suits you and your needs best.

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Safe & Secure

We use a secure barcode system to accurately track client’s clothing.

Prompt Service

Your freshly cleaned items returned to you on time, every time.

Orr Cleaners is more than just a cleaning service; they are the best at what they do, offering a luxury experience in garment care. I am delighted with their services and would recommend them to anyone who wants the best care for their clothes. They’ve brought new life to my wardrobe and made my life easier, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for others looking for top-quality garment care.